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For over ten years our biscuits have been enjoyed by thousands of dogs from California to Hawaii. Our biscuits are hand made  and lovingly crafted in our local bakery using the highest quality ingredients we can find. We are proud that so many dogs have given our treats a five paw rating!

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Saturday, February 21 10AM to 6PM


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Five Paw Treats Box 843, Colfax, CA, 95713


In March, 2011, after 8 years in business, the original owners of Five Paw Bakery on Los Altos decided to close their store front. Our family loved the treats so much that we decided to buy the business!The production has continued locally, but the sales are done locally and via the website...

The Five Paw Test Kitchen has been working tirelessly to create the newest addition to our wheat-free line.  This new WHEAT FREE variation of our Duck a L'Orange has the same gourmet flavor of delicate duck breast with a touch of orange zest. However it uses a mixture of sweet potato, potato and garbanzo bean flours. This combination creates a new low glycemic and high protein treat without the whole wheat flour of our original recipe.

FREE SAMPLES are available now at Pet's Delight for your dog to try! If your dog approves of our newest treat there are a small number of white bags of these Wheat Free versions for you to buy on the spot! Please stop in today or very soon, as the current supplies are limited.
Pet's Delight
390 State Street
​Los Altos, CA 94022
Please let us know your opinions on these new treats. We can still incorporate changes into future batches. Additionally if you have ideas for improving any of the treats in our line, we want to hear about it! Email us through our contact page or at
Our Newest Treat is Here
Wheat-Free Duck a L'Orange
1 DAY ONLY Event
FEB 28th 2015 
San Diego PET EXPO

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