Our History

After almost ten years in the business, the owners of the original Five Paw Dog Bakery in Los Altos decided to close the store front. When we (the Donnelly Family) took over the business we decided to concentrate on selling the treats at the wholesale level. We still have all the original recipes for sale, plus newer specialty treats available.

Our production has continued locally but the sales have switched to our online store and selling through fine local pet stores. Since then we having been selling at stores from San Francisco to the south peninsula but we are now looking to expand much further!

Reasons to Carry Our Dog Treats

Quality Ingredients
Our treats are all 100% USA made and use human grade and USA sourced ingredients. Our biscuits 
are all handmade in our local bakery and lovingly crafted using the highest quality ingredients we can 
find and have no added preservatives or artificial colors. 

Sales  Are Guaranteed
We are so confident about our products that we give them a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So there is no risk to trying our products in your store. If you carry any of our seasonal products or just feel that an item is not selling fast enough we will work with you to rotate out any left over products for new inventory.

Custom Product Launch
We will do everything possible to support a new product release into your store including supplying quantities of sample treats for your customers. We can supply complete start-up packages which can include FREE: racks, display tables, scoop bins, point of purchase stands, acrylic pastry displays and much more. These displays are customized to fit the style and spacing considerations of your retail space along with quantity and type of products you wish to offer.

Low Minimums and High Margins
Our prices are set on a sliding scale with better discounts at higher levels, but even at a minimum order level we provide competitive margins. With no competition from chain stores or any discount sellers!

Store Exclusives
Exclusive promotions and products in store that are not available on our website. We work with stores to create special products and sales that are not available on our website. In particular most of our seasonal items are reserved for sale through the stores we work with and not on our website. Store exclusive items and sales will still be promoted on-line though our website as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Free Advertising
Our Where to Buy page, Newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter account are all used to promote the stores we work with. We give mention to new stores, promotions/events and even special deliveries such as a new or popular product being dropped off. New stores will be mentioned in a press release on the front page of our website.  We will even pitch in money towards other advertisements or promotions that you want to do.

Versatile Product Lines
We offer the following product lines: bulk treats, pre-packaged treats, wafers and within a limited area frosted treats. The bulk biscuits are currently available in the following flavors: Liver Lovers, Veggie Breath, Allergy treats, Bacon 'N Eggs, Puppy Pizza, Peanut Hearts, Duck L'Orange, Cheese Moons, Oatmeal Softies and Carob Chip Softies. The prepackaged treats offer these flavors and more adding in: Wheat Free Liver Lovers, Spring Feast and Autumn Harvest. The wafers we re-sale come in carob, yogurt and peanut butter. If you are within our delivery area than our frosted treats come in a wide variety of shapes including our birthday cakes, pupcakes, scones and a variety of seasonal shapes. You can choose to carry only a certain line or mix and match what you want to carry from the four lines.

Contact Us Today
You can reach our Sales Manager Steve at (650)229-8629 or email us at fivepawtreats@gmail.com to place your order. We are also more than happy to answer any questions you may still have by phone, e-mail or in person if your store is within our delivery range.


Five Paw Dog Treats
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