About Us
We decide that the treats available through the original Five Paw Bakery in Los Altos where too good to "disappear" from the marketplace when they decided to close their shop after 8 years.  So we took over their online and wholesale business to keep the treats available for your dog!

The treats live on as we continue to bake for online retail sales and wholesale customers!  We are Five Paw Treats and are happy to provide the same great, original, treat recipes to our online and wholesale customers.  We were all trained at Five Paw Bakery and are using all the same techiques and recipes developed by them ... you will never notice a difference!

As always,  we use only all-natural, best-grade, human quality ingredients for your dog with no preservatives, artificial colors, salt or sugar.  After all, if you didn't want the best for your dog, you would not be shopping on this site!

Thank you for your continued business,
Five Paw Dog Treats

Online Retail Ordering & Wholesale Treats Available treats@fivepaw.com